IRS Forms

Guidance to use the form:

  1. These are fillable PDF forms.
  2. You may download the selected form(s) to your computer’s hard drive
  3. Open the form from your hard drive, fill out and then save.
  4. All the following IRS forms and other IRS forms, with current updates, can also be found at

IRS Instructions & Guidance

(1) Instructions for ITIN (IRS Form W-7)
Guidance and Procedure for applying for ITIN
(2) IRS Instructions for CTC DD (IRS Form 8867)
Proofs to be submitted for Child Tax Credit (CTC/ODTC)
(3) IRS Instructions – Where To File IRS Extn form 4868

Note To Client: If you need any other form not listed above, please send an email to our office.

Where To Mail

Click here to find out where to mail the Federal 4868 Extn